The Interloper

I walked along the corn field

trying to guess potential yield.

I notice the broken stalk and

the ear that had been nibbled

and curse the deer for stealing

my struggling corn crop.

The doomsday phrase “extreme

drought” leaves my future in doubt.

I worry and fret over the cost to

plant and harvest non-existent crops.

Can I survive if truly all is lost?

Up one row to the right I glance

and her presence I notice by chance.

A tranquil private moment I spy-

the beauty of Diana’s creature,

her serenity nearly moved me to tears.

Tractors, planters and yields no longer matter

I could only feel an enormous guilt

of destroying her home with every

fence, furrow, and field we farmers built.

Her presence my world did shatter.

How dare I feel it is my land

when her gentle kind have been

roaming these plains longer

than I could ever imagine.

Money is all I stand to lose with

no rainfall coming to quench

the thirst of the dry cracked soil.

She sleeps and looks peaceful,

but the corn is her only meal

and water is even more elusive.

Silently I walk back to the farmhouse

grateful for all that I have.


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