Good-Bye Grandpa

Today’s challenge at d’Verse Poets was to write a poem illustrating a beautiful sadness.  You can visit the d’Verse Poets site for a great explanation.

For some reason this challenge seems to fit my mood perfectly right now.  Still I chose to look back in time to recount a memory.  I admit I did take poetic license because the ending was actually delayed by several months due to people entering the room.  Still, it was one of the most beautiful and peaceful moments I’ve ever experienced before it was interrupted.

Arnold Perin

Good-bye Grandpa.

I gaze at your wrinkled

countenance as you recall the

days of your youth:

a spelling bee won, playing piano,

fishing at the lake, and

cleaning the chicken coop.

Clearly your mind is strong.

Each line in the face earned

through a lifetime of experiences,

but it’s time to shed this world.


Good-bye Grandpa.

I hold your giant hand,

rough-worn and arthritic.

Hands that were used

to wield tools, cut wood,

and build new homes.

A carpenter’s hands that

lost their strength and

need help to lift a glass

for a sip of water.


Arnold Perin with his wife Helen and kids James and Judy

Good-bye Grandpa.

I sit beside you

in the presence of angels,

those who journeyed before

wait to greet you

with loving arms.

Your parents waiting again

to greet you as you rejoin them.

I lift my face to feel

their amazing presence

and am comforted that

you leave family to

join family.


George and Carrie (Plumb) Perin with their son Arnold

Good-bye Grandpa.

I let you fade away

with peace in my heart.

Your eyes already say

you’ve joined your loved ones

on another plane; still,

I hold your hand and

wait for its warmth to dissipate.

Knowing good-bye

is only



The Friday Challenge for Real Toads is a word wit Laurie.  The task is to write a poem around the word miscreant.


Devout and miscreants gather

sitting in their respective pews

both appearing to listen

to the minister’s sermon.

Yet their minds wander

thinking private thoughts:

charitable, loving and kind;

greedy, lusty and judgmental.

The pious or the miscreant~

one cannot tell by casual glance.

Only the inner heart will reveal.

Catching Up

Saturday Centus with Jenny Matlock.  Goodness, it’s been a while since I participated, but I couldn’t resist the challenge~write a complete sentence without using the letter e.

Myson Osboer

I am going to bask in glorious sunlight shining down on so many goats.

Haiku Heights where the week’s theme is soul.


 soul needs a body

either man or animal

all nature’s creatures


MJ with Norma Jean


my gentle giant

heart overflowing with love

goodness in my world