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Good-Bye Grandpa

Today’s challenge at d’Verse Poets was to write a poem illustrating a beautiful sadness.  You can visit the d’Verse Poets site for a great explanation.

For some reason this challenge seems to fit my mood perfectly right now.  Still I chose to look back in time to recount a memory.  I admit I did take poetic license because the ending was actually delayed by several months due to people entering the room.  Still, it was one of the most beautiful and peaceful moments I’ve ever experienced before it was interrupted.

Arnold Perin

Good-bye Grandpa.

I gaze at your wrinkled

countenance as you recall the

days of your youth:

a spelling bee won, playing piano,

fishing at the lake, and

cleaning the chicken coop.

Clearly your mind is strong.

Each line in the face earned

through a lifetime of experiences,

but it’s time to shed this world.


Good-bye Grandpa.

I hold your giant hand,

rough-worn and arthritic.

Hands that were used

to wield tools, cut wood,

and build new homes.

A carpenter’s hands that

lost their strength and

need help to lift a glass

for a sip of water.


Arnold Perin with his wife Helen and kids James and Judy

Good-bye Grandpa.

I sit beside you

in the presence of angels,

those who journeyed before

wait to greet you

with loving arms.

Your parents waiting again

to greet you as you rejoin them.

I lift my face to feel

their amazing presence

and am comforted that

you leave family to

join family.


George and Carrie (Plumb) Perin with their son Arnold

Good-bye Grandpa.

I let you fade away

with peace in my heart.

Your eyes already say

you’ve joined your loved ones

on another plane; still,

I hold your hand and

wait for its warmth to dissipate.

Knowing good-bye

is only


15 thoughts on “Good-Bye Grandpa

  1. “I lift my face to feel
    their amazing presence
    and am comforted that
    you leave family to
    join family.”
    Thank you for letting us get to know this marvelous man as he was before he started on this journey, thank you for letting us travel with you. It is a gift to you to be there “peace in my heart”

  2. Love this- so hinest and heartfelt- but capturing perfectly the beautiful sadness in the simple everyday- the cleaning of a chicken coop for example- its the normal and the nostalgic that when imbued with such strong emotion….come together so poetically- and I love that picture- he looks so pleased with that catfish! Great tribute and sentiment- thank you for sharing

  3. the repetition of goodbye grampa got me…i said goodbye to both of mine before the age of ten…i still have some wonderful little memories taxtures of those moments but not much…you bring him alive in this…well done…

  4. love the pics…esp. the first one… there’s so much life in the wrinkles of an old man or woman.. and in some faces you can read like in a book.. a beautiful tribute to your grandpa Teresa…

  5. this made me think of my granddad! He died when I was a child but my memories of him are still powerful – especially his infectious laughter and mischievous grin! My granddad made barrels when he was a young man – so much of your poem reminds me of him.

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