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walking down a dusty dirt road

no direction or destination in mind;

simply the joy of aimless wandering

without a plan until my journey

becomes rocky and rough and the road

climbs higher, narrows and finally leads me

to a dead end where I don’t want to be.


standing at the edge of a cliff

waiting for winged Pegasus to fly me

back to the safety of innocence in search of

a well-worn path where I first diverged.

no creature came to carry me, cradled in arms,

home to safety because  I can only count

on my determination to get me back there.


a careful path I plan and plot to

get to my desired destination.

no more meandering aimlessly for me,

as  I’ve already wandered too much.

life is rushing past, slipping away with

nothing but scars to show for it, but now I’m

finally on the right road to my destiny.


This is my contribution to the open links for both Imaginary Garden with Real Toads and d’Verse Poets.

8 thoughts on “Wandering

  1. This poem took me back to my own path as I am one of the Late Bloomers born just after the Baby Boom. At the cliff top–when you can see all–is the right time to make the choice! And the fact that it isn’t easy is the test. I enjoyed the journey in your poem. I think you speak for many.

  2. i have known a wnadering or two….we cant always wander, so a return to the path is good…some direction….but def leave that wiggle room for a little wander…smiles..

    • I like this poem about the quest for the right road. It seems many have to walk down those ‘dusty’ roads before finally happening on the right one. When one knows one is on the right road, it is a wonderful thing!

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