Mountain Goat

Transforming Fridays.  Today we’re getting in touch with life on the tundra and exploring point of view.  Be sure to visit Real Toads for more tundrariffic poetry.  I have chosen to share life as a mountain goat.

My home high in the mountains

On top of the world so cold

Until the sun shines on my coat;

New kids with me by my side

Together we climb to high

Altitudes in search of food.

I paw the ground and snort a warning-

Newcomers are a danger to us;

“Get behind me little ones!”

Off we go down steep cliffs

Away from the danger

To rest safely under the shrub.

“Me’s no mountain goat, but me’s be cuterest,” Myson Osboer

And just for fun, here’s a bonus polar bear haiku.


padding the tundra

clawed pawprints in icy snow

searching for dinner

13 thoughts on “Mountain Goat

  1. Beautiful poem. I’ve seen mountain goats once–when I was in the Canadian Rockies–they were pure white and almost magical in appearance–as they leaped swiftly and surefootedly up the sharp steep cliffs.

  2. One does wonder how any baby of any kind survives in those harsh places. Probably they survive only because it is so harsh that predators are relatively rare and man doesn’t really flock to live there.

  3. Excellent!! I, too, chose the mt. goat!! I love goats in general then add the amazing environment of the tundra and the mt goat’s skills…so amazing.

    I love your goat kid!! Well written poem and haiku, too!

  4. I love the goat poem, and my heart hurt over the polar bear. Very touching haiku! We had a bear at our recycling overnight – hungry already and winter hasnt even started. Poor bears!

    • I do think the animals here will have a tough winter too with the drought we’ve been experiencing. I really wish I had a way to put water out for them.

  5. I have yet to see mountain goats in their mountain habitat “on top of the world” with newcomer dangers, little ones, cliffs and shrubs, moving higher higher and higher in search of food. I hope to do so . . .. I’ll have to learn how to get grants as a retiree (most of my travel was done for free).

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