I wonder what I’ll be like

when I am an old woman.

Will I be strong and feisty and

active to the end of my days?

My cane might double as a sword

to battle the dragons of my imagination.

Perhaps a whack on the bum

of the young man whose pants are

flirting with his knees–

something I’d like to do today,

but I don’t possess the rash uncaring

of one who faces their final freedom.

Will I be the quiet and thoughtful

old lady that demands respect

with my countenance alone?

My spectacles upon my nose

perched to read the book held

in my feeble and  wrinkled hands

yet able to peer over with a reproachful

warning that silence is sacred.

The only loud music deserving

my aged ears would be the

trumpets heralding my arrival home.


Will I return to a childlike state

with eyes vacant and unaware?

Too tough to take a sudden departure,

leaving my body for heavenly visits,

unaware of the stench of my

own waste in an adult diaper;

only being pulled back to my body

by a child’s exuberant cry of “Grammy!

We love you!” causing a smile to

form on my wrinkled face.

photo courtesy of Mimi Foxmorton

Will I look in the mirror and

wonder who is looking back at me?

Surely that wrinkled old woman

can’t possibly be me.

Inside maybe I will still feel sixteen–

carefree and wanting to dance

the night away, but trapped

within a body that refuses to stand.

I might wonder how I could

have possibly grown so old and frail.


I wonder, but not too much.


For my wonderful friend Mimi Foxmorton and her mom.

Linking to One Single Impression where the theme is spectacles.  I was very late posting this, so I’ve decided to share at Real Toad’s open link today.

14 thoughts on “Spectacles

  1. wow….packed with questions that we all ultimately face and we all hope to do it with dignity. Sometimes i look in the mirror now and wonder those same things. This was powerful and really gets one thinking. Great writing.

  2. You outdid yourself here! I LOVED it up to:

    The only loud music deserving
    my aged ears would be the
    trumpets heralding my arrival home.

    I laughed and enjoyed. And then you brought me down to earth and made it a bit heavy. But that is what also makes it poetically perfect. Nice range of emotions, this.

  3. Nice Teresa. My answer to every one of your questions is a BIG YES!!! 🙂
    Really though, although I am a fellow, I am just about there. Some think that I have already arrived.
    I have and open link today, but if you scroll down down to Monday, August 27, 2012 you will find my ‘spectacle’ senyru

  4. I know someone with dementia, and much of what you described is now a part of her reality. So my suggestion…get your whacks in with that cane while you still can!

  5. I really do think the pants down to the knees look is dreadful. This is so touching in so many ways. When we’re born we’re helpless and totally dependent on others, when we die, we seem to turn full circle, don’t we. A lovely tribute to your friend’s Nana.

  6. I think I’ll just remove all mirrors from my reach and be who I am inside… which hopefully will be someone who can give those boys a much-deserved smack in the behind for those disgusting pants down to the knees.

  7. Wonderful wonderings; bit of advice: rock it up now; those wrinkles & unknown maladies will arrive so quickly, you will more than wonder what happened to that girl in the mirror; you will not recognize her & find that your only solace from this process is to avoid all reflections of yourself, front, sides & back…

  8. Quite the inspired post! Your flow and use of language and imagery in this poem is fantastic. Glad I wandered by to catch up on your postings – this one is quite the treat.

  9. This is the most beautiful poem I have ever read…………

    I am humbled that you would take the time to do such a perfect piece of work……..

    and to include Nana’s photo…..

    The last line reduced me to tears……….

    Twas a most difficult picture to happen upon from such a beautiful day………

    I love you………and I’m so glad that we met…………

    My thanks.


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