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A Happily Ever After Tale

The worst times are behind us.

We’ve got a baby; it’s

so hard as teen parents.

Now we’re grown up and

I go to the high school most days,

My momma watches my boy

while I’m gone to school.

I get to share my experiences

as the voice of wisdom to

those sitting where I was

only six months ago.

My honey sits in jail

for something that wasn’t his fault.

He got his GED, and I’m ready

for him to come back home to me.

I thought I lost him

in those riots last month;

he’s healing up now, and

we’re writing our vows.

When he gets out, we’ll say “I do.”

The worst of times are behind us.

Now it’s time for our happily ever after.

Truly I’d forgotten what it was like to be around young people.  It’s all such a foreign world to me anymore, and it’s much different from my own experiences as a young adult.  This poem is based on the overheard conversations during my day.  Linking to d’Verse Poets Open Link Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “A Happily Ever After Tale

  1. Life is so backwards sometimes…. Young people should be driving fancy sports cars, but they don’t because they can’t afford the insurance. And they should be given the wisdom of age. Unfortunately, they aren’t. And so babies have babies. I so wish that every child had the opportunity to follow their hearts and lives into adulthood without losing a part of themselves… Having a child, knowing that connection might be the most beautiful thing on earth. But it can also steal away the most precioous time of a young person’s life. Your poem is very good and thoughtful….

  2. whew def the drama…i hear these stories at school….kids sick and you know why…and making all kinds of choices they should not have to but then having to face the consequences as well…

  3. This definitely captures what it is like for some young kids out there. I do hope that the worst of times IS behind both of them and that ‘happily ever after’ does become a reality!! You captured the scene very well.

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