I’m Sorry

Today’s challenge from Kerry at Real Toads is to conduct an inner monologue.  The words your character wouldd like to say to someone so that it reaveals both the speaker and their inteded audience’s personalities.

I said I’m sorry

and left it at that.

What I wanted

to tell you was

so much more.

I really wanted to say

I’m sorry you’re

being sent away,

that you have to

live in a facility

away from family

and friends and the dog

I know you love so much.

I’m sorry you’ll

be surrounded by

strangers that are

paid to watch you

eat and watch you sleep

and strangers that

are hurting inside

just as much as you.

I’m sorry your parents

believed your lies

and didn’t check to make

sure you really were

at your friend’s house.

I’m sorry those people

who weren’t really your

friend encouraged you

to try those drugs.

I’m sorry you lost control

of your dreams, your body,

your soul.

I’m sorry nobody checked

when you started missing school;

they just shook their heads

like it was too late

to save you from this.

I’m sorry this is happening

to you and I’m helpless

to do anything about it.

If I could have followed

you everywhere, telling

you the dangers and

who to avoid,

I would have.

I wish I could have been

by your side

protecting you all along.

I’m sorry I ignored

all those little signs

and cues that would have

warned me if only

I had known.

I’m so sorry, little

sister, that I was just

too busy to know

how much you were hurting

and begging me to help.

I’m sorry I didn’t

love you more.