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The English Teacher

She tried to ignore his deficinecies in writing.  It wasn’t easy because predicate isn’t another word for subject.  The final straw came with the lesson on appositives.  “My mom Marie is a chef.”  When she saw the sentence on the board, she screamed, “What was your other mother?”  His reply, “A secretary,” momentarily silenced her.

Be sure to let G-Man know if you’ve written a Friday Flash 55.

12 thoughts on “The English Teacher

  1. Oh, too funny! I’m a little late for Flash Friday. But sometimes it takes me a week.

    I love English teachers. Only now have I grown to appreciate Mrs. Wood and her insistence that we all learn to diagram a sentence. I liked Starve and that beautiful photo of the sky under Creation.

  2. !!! I just lived this today Predicate nominatives, appositives, adverbial & objective compliments, … I became so stressed… but after a few hours I think I was starting to get them straight. Are you a “grammar head”?

  3. Gosh! Funny and yet realistic… I agree with Alice. The girl really need to work harder, oh alright, she is working hardly!

    hugs n wonderful weekend xoxoxo

  4. Dang Teresa…
    This was very intriguing!!!
    Sometimes you just blow my mind girl…
    Loved your English Class 55
    Thanks for teaching, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

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