The challenge at Real Toads today revolves around using the word bottleneck as inspiration for a poem.  Sometimes I read blog posts or articles that are completely wrong, but people don’t check sources, only hear bits of information that support their erroneous beliefs, or just make things up.  There is no reasoning with these zealots. 

Bottlenecked brain;

ideas in and out.

New information clogging

up my thinking,

trying to change my beliefs.

These words don’t fit

my view of the world.

The facts must be wrong,

not my little corner

of the world thinking.

Telling me to scrap the

ideas I held to be true,

but I just can’t.

My brain is bottlenecked;

I don’t know what to


12 thoughts on “Bottlenecked

  1. a huh, yup. Time to go outside and plant some flowers and trees for a while, It’s bad enough when our own thoughts gum us up, don’t need input into the bottleneck. Well-expressed.

  2. What a great response to bottleneck. (Being a Liverpool football supporter and just having had the report on the Hillsborough Disaster 23 years ago released this is just so apposite.)

  3. Hmmm… Do you know my brother? This is so apropos, Teresa. My brother forwards so many e-mails filled with garbage that he never checks for veracity before passing it on. If it fits his world view, I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s true. Sounds like you know people like that too.

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