Cancer~the word itself causes the stomach to tighten, but she wasn’t surprised.  He was, after all, an old man. There was a family history.  The next one, however, was a kick in the gut.  This one was cut down in his prime.  A cruel disease killing its victims and maiming loved ones left behind.


Sorry to be such a downer, but this one is real.  First my almost 14-year-old dog was diagnosed, and five days later my 9-year-old cat was diagnosed.  It’s been a rough week, but they are both hanging in there for now.  Strangely, this is the closest cancer has come to me in real life.  Earlier this year, however, a bloggy friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Well, Marigold the goat is the bloggy friend, and it’s her Goatmother that was diagnosed. She’s bravely sharing this experience on the blog.  That’s when my mom and I made the “Butt the Hay Out of Cancer” blog button in my sidebar.  Since then, I’ve opened a zazzle shop, and real buttons were the first item in it.  Ten percent of the purchase price will be donated to cancer research.

I’m linking this to G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.


Today is day 28 of September Heights.  I can’t believe we’re already this close to the end of the month.  Well, today is all about the waltz

floating on the floor
gracefully twirl up and down
poetic motion

rhythm and music
twirling across the dance floor
the Vienese waltz

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