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Killing Time

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Staring at a clock

trying to watch

the minutes go by;

the second hand

just won’t move.

How long until

I finally noticed?

Time stands still

with nothing to

mark its passage.

Will I kill time,

or will it be

the death of me?

15 thoughts on “Killing Time

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  2. Well said. I know these feelings. Time may be the most ornery of things in our lives. Too slow or too fast, but in any case, yes, it will be the death of us all in the end.

  3. oy honestly somedays i wonder as well…when we want it to stick around it does not….but when we want it to move it takes its sweet time…always seeming to be in opposition to me…smiles…good to see you today…

  4. Time’s the death of you and me. Time is terrible when it has you in its hold but when time’s on your hands you are laughing. Compare and contrast week days with weekends. Thanks.

  5. well done… and of course it will be the death of us all… best to live through each moment as fully as we can and forget about waiting… not that patience doesn’t have its own wisdom too.

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