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Snarky is my new attitude.

When people steadfastly refuse

to show any sort of appreciation

for the wonderful gifts they have,

it makes my very soul cringe.

A new day to use as they see fit~

a chance to learn, love and grow.

Instead, the wasted time and talent

is potential flushed down the toilet.

The prevailing attitude seems to be,

“What’s in it for me?” or “Give it to me now.”

No patience; no working towards a goal.

Just give me what I want rather

than the satisfaction of a job well done.

Killing time; wasting time; burning time;

Practicing insults and hurling threats

when there’s so much that could be done

to make the world a better happier place.


It’s hard to believe it’s already the first of the week again.  It’s time for open links at Real Toads and d’Verse Poets.  I’m afraid I’m revealing a bit of my true attitude today.  The school year is well under way, and I’m afraid I’m already frustrated.

17 thoughts on “Snarky

  1. the wasted time and talent
    is potential flushed down the toilet.
    The prevailing attitude seems to be,
    “What’s in it for me?” or “Give it to me now.”

    You brought out the reality of the situation. That’s the way of how things are now! Nicely Teresa!


  2. A woman came out of the water at the beach yelling, “SNARK…SNARK” I thought she meant “shark” and was just confused in her excitement. But when she got to shore she explained that there was a really sarcastic person lurking amidst the waves, and she thought we should all be warned.

  3. You are so right, Teresa. I worked for years, and never had the give-it-to-me-now attitude. Since having to go on a disability pension, I’ve appreciated every day even more than I did before. Sure, I get blue when I’m very sick, but the blues don’t last, because I know every day is a gift.

  4. I love the word snarky… I agree with every word. All it takes is a quick glimpse at the news to remind us of all our blessings… and you’re right, so many expect hand-outs or instant results without putting any of the hard work into it. This flowed very well and made me feel snarky… 🙂

  5. Human nature can be frustrating, for sure……..like yesterday at my elderly friend’s garage sale, when a women drove up in a shiny Jaguar, bragging about it the whole time she looked at what was for sale. She asked how much for a small vase. I said fifty cents. “OH!” she sniffed, eyebrows elevated. “Too much.”

    Sigh. Hang in there. Some days are better, hee hee.

  6. I don’t appreciate this kind of attitude ~ I am careful to share a more positive voice with my children…I believe it starts at the home ~

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