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I cannot believe how quickly time flies.  It’s already time for open links at Real Toads and d’Verse Poets.  Be sure to visit for some amazing poetry.

Spinning, spinning twirling around

faster, faster around I go

until dizzy I fall to the ground.

Waiting, waiting for someone

to come along and pick me up.

Crumpled in a heap, alone I wait.

No knight in shining armor.

No parent with loving arms.

Alone I wait until I look within.

There I find the one I’ve waited for-

no outside person, only me.

I find the strength to pick myself up

and firm I stand on shaky ground

as the world keeps on spinning around.

21 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. aloha Teresa – i like the double word use you begin this with. i also like the discovery you make (we make through your words) that we are our own inner strength. a great discovery to keep well and close. cool write. aloha.

  2. Sometimes you read a poem that is scarily in touch with something you just were thinking–I never know when that happens how they find us, but I’m glad they do. I was leaned back in my chair on the patio last night looking at the brilliant autumn stars, wondering what arms I could expect to show up–I got the same answer you do here, Teresa. Well said.

  3. Well done! Sometime we do have to spin so before we realize we are the only ones who can find our center, and in turn…our balance. Loved the image as well!

  4. Yes, inner strength is what sometimes is needed to keep going, when outside support is just not there. I also find that when I reach out to someone who may lend support, or sit silently in prayer or meditation, strength is renewed and I become more centered. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Real Toads 🙂

  5. 🙂 It is nice while it lasts (mom picking us up) but alas, the day comes when we must rely on ourselves. BUT with beautiful trees to look at and a shining sun, I might just enjoy the “down for the count’ for a bit… (can you tell I’m a mom of six 🙂

  6. After reading your sidebar, I wonder if this isn’t more serious than it at first appears. Either way, I love the message of self-reliance.

  7. I find the strength to pick myself up
    and firm I stand on shaky ground
    as the world keeps on spinning around

    That’s the way Teresa! Strengthen one’s resolve to take care of our own self. The world will continue to move regardless. Wonderful verse!


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