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Steampunk Enjambment

Today at d’Verse Poets we’ve been challenged to combine steampunk (combining two apparently incompatible concepts) and enjambment (breaking up a unit of syntax).  There are much more in depth explanations at d’Verse Poets.  I’m not exactly sure I’ve done this correctly, but here’s my best effort.  I’ve combined the structure of haiku with the current topic of frustration with special education for the steampunk part.  I used the idea of the two stanzas of the Dead Man Poetry, but it really doesn’t include enjambment.

About the Dead Man and Special Education

he set out to teach

overwhelmed by paperwork

he lost sight of kids

More About the Dead Man and Special Education

stuck in the basement

encased in reams of paper

a fourteen year tomb

8 thoughts on “Steampunk Enjambment

  1. What a great idea to use haiku for a dead man poem, Teresa. The point you make is so real. As a nurse, I can relate to that “drowning on paperwork” idea. All the “I’s” dotted and the “t’s” crossed for regulatory reasons (not important documentation about patients) stole time from the patient. So frustrating.

  2. oh dang…really good….esp that last one…i understand your frustration…we are really struggling right now with the motivation and ‘entitlement’ of some of our kids….they have had so much done for them and been passed over for so long…high school is really hard for them….have been pulling many of my kids to do extra remediation just to keep them afloat…

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