A Message to My Son

The challenge at d’Verse Poets today is so timely.  It’s to examine time and how it flies by so quickly.  I can certainly relate to that as I never seem to find enough time to do these fun poetry challenges.  Where does all the time go?


As you quietly sit there on the couch

arms folded, pouting mouth complaining,

“I’m bored,” it reminds me of my youth.

Looking back at my teenage angst years,

I think of all the time I spent bored~

nothing to do living in the middle of nowhere,

not knowing yet my interests and passions.

Staring mindlessly at the television,

oh yeah, I could kill some time.

Procrastinating, avoiding, delaying

my chores, dishes, cleaning my room.

If only I had already learned my passions

or spent some of that bored time

trying to figure them out.

I wouldn’t be sitting here wishing

for all that bored time back.