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The World Between

Time for another exciting Friday Flash Fiction 55!  The idea is to write a story in exactly 55 words to share with G-Man.  Luckily, he’s the best host and indulges my poetry without characters and plot.  Be sure to visit Mr. Know-It-All and hop over to other great stories as well.

Ashes to angels;

dust to devils;

a whole world between.

From birth to death

we fill our days

making choices

about our activities

and people with whom

we surround ourselves,

learning from our adversities,

nurturing our souls.

Feast on life

or suffer a famine,

falling from grace.

The end of life brings

angels or devils.

9 thoughts on “The World Between

  1. I like this very much…very provoking…and they better not be the same or the whole concept of religion is soooooooooooooo wrong…and that is so sad. Great 55!Mine is here

  2. And what if both of them are merely us? Firm believer that we make our own heavens and hells on earth, as your 55 says, through our choices–but who knows what’s out there afterwards. No one ever comes back and tells us. Loved this one, Teresa.

  3. we are a product of those choices we make in life…and who we surround ourselves with makes a huge difference….your tag on this is scary….seen my fair share of suicide…and whats on theother side i guess we will figure out when we get there…

  4. No, angels and devils are not the same… or they better not be. I could have been having a HELL of a lot more fun here on earth if that is true! 🙂 And I adore, ADORE, that photo.

  5. Gosh Teresa, What if they were one and the same?
    And yes, I indulge everything you write, because unlike some, Your brain smatterings are meaningful!!!!
    Loved your Philosophizing 55…
    Thanks for playing, thanks for another Top Shelf contribution, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

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