The theme at Sensational Haiku Wednesday this week is spooky.  Not surprising, but I am loving all the seasonal prompts this week.  I’ll be sad to see them end.  On an unrelated note, however, I’ve crazily decided to participate in NaNoWriMo, so I might not be around the poetry blogging world quite so much in the next month.  We’ll see how kind or insistent my muses are.

spooky Halloween

memories from childhood

now I celebrate

black cats and goblins

tricksters of all shapes and size

this dark spooky night

Halloween’s full moon

goblins and ghouls rise from the graves

feasting on fresh flesh

full moon rises slow

zombie apocalypse now

take action or die


Happy Halloween!  Blessed Samhain!  Today for Real Toad’s challenge, we are to write a ghostly poem.  There was a link to quotes from other ghost poems, and we were to choose one to include in our own.  I chose, “Evening and all my ghosts come back to me,” from Shaking the Grass by Janice N. Harrington.

Ghosts of yesteryear haunt my mind.

Vague rememberings of the past stealthily

come to me in that quiet time before sleep.

castles and moats

witches and knights

seeing my own death

The daylight hours are fine, but

its evening and all my ghosts

come back to me in a flash.

Fantastic dreams are so familiar.

cave art and spears

great ice age animals

violence at every turn

Haunted by memories, dreams or ghosts

screaming for their stories to be told.

I wonder how the tale will end this time around.