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Where Did All the Poetry Go?

I just love the wonderful fun challenges presented in Form for All at d’Verse Poets.  Today we’ve been challenged to write a quatern, a French poem consisting of four quatrains with 8 syllables in each line.  It has a refrain that starts the poem and moves down one line in each quatrain.  If I’m muddling things up, you’d better visit Gay Reiser Cannon’s post to get a much better explanation.


Where did all the poetry go?

I look around a dismal world

seeking poetry high and low.

It eludes me, racing away.


No matter.  I just keep searching.

Where did all the poetry go?

Surely not to Heaven above

or Hades sinking down below.


Please tell me what I want to know,

I beg of the sprites around me,

Where did all the poetry go?

Found nowhere outside of your Self.


Have you looked deep inside your heart,

into your soul beyond ego?

There you will find what you so seek.

Where did all the poetry go?

14 thoughts on “Where Did All the Poetry Go?

  1. have to agree with Laurie here, the final stanza is great. what a wonderful idea – hope you will find tons of poetry within yourself in the days to come…

  2. I love how we’re getting poems that are doing multiple things today – allusions, centos, and here is yours — not only a fine quatern but an Ars Poetica as well. Seeking poetry and making poetry all at once – why that makes it a holiday poem as well! Great piece, much enjoyed!

  3. smiles….i love that the poetry can be found inside of you for those willing to look…i do think there is a lot of poetry in the world as well for those willing to look….very cool use of the form…you worked it well teresa

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