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An Ancient Song

Christmas bugle

The Ancient Ones

sing their song

of life and death,

a tune they’ve sung

since time’s dawning.

Round and round

the great wheel turns,

like a metronome

keeping time over

life and death.

The soul crescendoes

to glorious freedom,

riding the wheel in

a never-ending journey,

dancing to the tune

sung by the Ancient Ones.


Christmas bugle

Christmas bugle

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15 thoughts on “An Ancient Song

  1. …the reference to metronome, soul crescendoes… and the inclusion of the ancient ones singing their songs… ah, these are all wonderful… hearing voices from the ancient ones give many many realizations in mind… smiles…

  2. A constant turning of the sphere, of the seasons, of life continuing, of holidays and festivals, as one gives way to another, joy comes along with sorrow and yet is more appreciated because of it. Lovely poem.

  3. Am I right in hearing echoes of Hinduism here – the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth in the quest for enlightenment? Whatever the case, I really enjoyed this piece for its lyricism and rhythm.

  4. nice….i love how we peek or crescendo….and life at least i believe does not end there….and gets a whole lot better….smiles…the metronome is either counting off or counting down…all in how you look at it…smiles.

  5. at basle münster, there’s a fortune wheel above one of the entrances, your poem reminded me of this..of the continuous turning round and round of life, sometimes up, sometimes down…

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