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Window of Opportunity

It’s time for Friday Flash 55 with the irrepressible G-Man and Mary’s Mixed Bag at Real Toads.



sitting at her desk

a shared city space

she gazes through

the dirty glass window

at the concrete lot below

instead of cars and asphalt

in her mind’s eye

it’s a quaint pastoral scene

a leap of faith

that’s what it takes

through the window

she goes spreading her wings

making her dreams come true


22 thoughts on “Window of Opportunity

  1. I had to go back to look again, because I wasn’t thinking of her jumping out of the window so much as running out of the office to a more pastoral place.
    A good write, Teresa.

  2. Loved this one, Teresa–and I read it that she went off and started a little farm….interesting to see what came to mind when others read it.

  3. I definitely read this as a day dreamer and felt her escaping to imaginary places while sitting at her desk. That is quite and interesting photo you put with it as well. There must be a story in that as well!

  4. You know what I’m thinking?
    Quit Day Dreaming and get back to work you Slacker!
    Unless of course you are getting a Brainstorm for a 55…hehehehe
    You Rock The Planet Teresa, thanks for being such a loyal and creative Friend of the Friday Funfest…Have a Kick Assa Week-End

  5. Nice, that leap of faith we all take. I’m surmising it’s all in her head. I can look out my window too and see the clear waters of Lakeport and curl my toes in the sand. Soon, very soon…

  6. I can read this poem in two different ways. One…she jumps to her death. Two….she envisions that pastoral scene instead of the concrete and her mind escapes her environment. I am going to envision the second. An interesting poem to contemplate this morning!

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