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Musical Dance

Mama Zen has posted a challenge for Words Count at Real Toads today that is designed to make us climb out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves with a type of poetry that forces us to squirm and shift uncomfortably and give us a headache as we stare at the blank piece of paper cursing this task.  After last month’s interview when I shared that the whole idea of sappy sexy romantic love poetry just makes me loopy, I didn’t see any way to avoid it in this task.  Thank goodness, it was to be no more than 75 words.  I’m also sharing this at D’Verse Poets open link.


warm lips pressed eagerly to mine

prelude to igniting passion

fingers dancing a secret rhythm

to the beat of joined hearts

a feasting fugue of flesh

devouring salty sweaty skin

limbs tangled, entwined

sighs and moans our only song

climax rising in frenetic crescendo

exhausted and complete

20 thoughts on “Musical Dance

  1. Teresa, I feel for you. This really did feel like it was torn out of you against your will. But it also made me laugh a bit, too, because it seemed sooo torrid, yet like the girls on the 900 sex lines, you were probably really thinking about feeding your goats, or alphabetizing your spices. Still, it was a heroic effort, and I applaud you for kicking yourself out of your comfort zone.

  2. Okay, don’t get mad, but this left me laughing delightedly. There are people who write this sort of stuff and take themselves very seriously doing it. Onward with the purple prose!

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