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Upon Pan and the Maiden

The challenge at D’Verse Poets is to write a modern structured poem known as a Karousel.  The poem consists of twenty lines, four stanzas of five lines each.  It has the following rhyme scheme:  abcda ecdbe fdbcf gbcdg.  For some strange reason I used the modern form to write about an ancient god. Perhaps it’s because for all our modern thoughts and habits, we haven’t really changed so much.  The photos are of the statue of Pan at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, New York


Walking in the woods one lonely day
I followed a horned creature to his lair
within the woods, wild and robust,
where he practiced a lecherous art
when he noticed and bid me to stay.

My foolish actions left me in fear
knowing it was my flesh he did lust.
I apologized and turned to depart
but my way out no longer there
as the satyr began to walk near.

With a rough hand he touched my face;
from my eyes the tears did start
and heaving breath left me unaware
his hands roaming where they must
discover my inner feminine grace.

Against my purity he did conspire;
for proper decorum he did not care.
Urges of nature he implored me trust-
fears subsiding, coaxed to take part
discovering my innermost desires.


11 thoughts on “Upon Pan and the Maiden

  1. …i like this…like thee i also have special interest with the mythological figures & ancient literature…and Pan, ah what a lustful encounter…careful, Titania might be just somewhere watching her Pan flirted by Nymphs or ye…lol… I enjoyed this a lot…thanks for a wonderful experience… Smiles…

  2. Wow…I remember that last shot as we crested that small hill and said: “No. Is it? It isn’t? It is!” lol

    Ahhhh…the heart wants what the heart wants…………
    The Pan bids us speak the inner truth………

  3. oh my…you must watch out for pan…be careful of those desires as well that he teaches…lol…as a kid there was a buck rogers episode with centaurs that really creeped me out…sorry you took me there….he is devious one

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