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a mid-winter’s journey

walking on a lonely path

in splendid isolation

unprepared for winter’s

capricious nature

winds turn from mild

to ferocious killing cold

frigid air fills my lungs

freezing my breath

suffocating in fresh air

falling to my knees

gasping without air

entering or leaving

lungs frozen solid

lying as a corpse

dying alone

winter storm

We’re supposed to be down to -13*F tonight.  I lost one chicken today, and I’m afraid it’s likely I will lose more.

winter storm

In happier news, we’re moving along with my novel being published.  I’ve added a novels page that has the synopsis and cover.  Of course, it’s called Novels because I’m optimistic that there will be more. 🙂  That might be partly why I haven’t been writing as much poetry lately.

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10 thoughts on “Winter

  1. good stuff on your novel, that is awesome…i am sorry on the chicken…we are out of school today due to cold and snow…we have missed 3 fridays in a row…i felt your grief as you knelt…

  2. Teresa, it’s good to be back. And I’m sorry for the loss of the chicken and I hope you don’t lose more. And I have to wish you a beautiful new year and congrats on “Novels”! That’s amazing!

    Isn’t this weather crazy? We’ve had crazy snow squalls off/on all day. And 24 hours ago it was a balmy 60! A roller coaster of crazy weather!

  3. I like this!
    It reminds me of our Michigan winters.

    I also like the line about “Splendid Isolation” because it’s the title of my favorite Warren Zevon song. 😉

    Thanks for doing Friday 55!
    Mine’s here. 🙂

  4. I know that suffocating coldness.
    You sure describe it quite PERFECTLY.
    Loved your dark chilling 55 Teresa
    After reading your powerful writing for a while now, I’m convinced your Novel(s) will be very well recieved. Thanks for bringing your A-Game on Fridays My Friend, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Oh… pack them in with a lot of straw. Is that what you use? Love the word capricious. And FANTASTIC on your novel writing… keep us up to date and don’t forget the poetry… I think it makes for a better writer (as do the Flash Fiction 55’s, of course 🙂

  6. Winter has been bad here too with icy roads – I went back home, after skidding in the roads this morning ~ Too bad about the animals, but good news on your writing ~ Cheers ~

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