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A List for Fireblossom

Today Fireblossom has presented a series of word lists for us to choose from and find inspiration.  The list I chose included the words: dignity, woven, innocence, desire, and explore.

Valentine Penny

Victorian age-old conflict

nurture versus nature

repressed sexual feelings

turn inward to guilt

versus wild abandon

falling to base desires;

innocence interwoven

with unknown desires

conflict of self and society

dignity requires legs crossed

penny between the knees

chastity enforced by elders,

while nature begs freedom

exploration and experimentation

searching for body’s pleasure

and soul’s undying love.


Be sure to visit Real Toads for more poems from these inspirational lists.  I’m also linking to the Open Link for d’Verse Poets.

17 thoughts on “A List for Fireblossom

  1. Penny between the knees…that’s the first time I’ve heard that one. You do an outstanding job of contrasting our animal natures with that society’s norms.

  2. Honestly, will we never learn how to find center? Extremes in anything is never a good thing. A penny between the knees… Sounds like something the men should have done, not the ladies 🙂

  3. The tension between extremes is well expressed in your poem, like the penny between the knees–it took a lot of discipline to keep the extremes stable.

  4. I was the youngest (by far) child of older parents, and I think there may have been proper Victorian ladies who grew up in a less repressed environment than I did. Some of that stays with me in spite of myself. This brought all that to mind.

  5. there is an intersting tension in this..has our freedom (sexually or otherwise) created other problems…but then again didnt the more conservative…and in some are you not danged if you do and danged if you dont…

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