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For the Love of Paperwork

paperwork princess

sits in her seat

scoring probes,

analyzing data

to her heart’s


the sheer joy of

trendlines and

aim lines leaving her

giddy, lightheaded.

those other teachers,

the ones who actually

taught children–

God forbid–couldn’t

know the satisfaction

of a paperwork

induced orgasm.

probe paperwork

I suppose I should explain that Mary has challenged us to write about something we truly love-NOT.  I have found over the last couple of years that my teaching has gone from actually teaching to simply doing paperwork.  It really takes a great vocation and turns it into something miserable.  Sadly, it seems to have taken my love of teaching and killed it.

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12 thoughts on “For the Love of Paperwork

  1. It’s really sad that teachers are feeling like (un)glorified paper pushers when the job you’re really there for is so much greater than most people recognize. On the other hand, I’m pretty much a sucker for any piece that can handle orgasms so artfully. ^5

  2. This is a humorous poem, but a very sad topic. Not only has bureaucracy taken the joy out of teaching, they have taken the inspiration out of learning. The paperwork-induced orgasm is really funny.

  3. Oh so sad what they have done to our teachers! several friends tell me how miserable it has gotten- thanks for sharing!

  4. Puzzlement turned to roars of laughter over here. De-lightful and uplifting for me. My anxiety level rose so high as a paperwork princess in training after years of teaching live beings, that it contributed to an early disability retirement. You take it to the other extreme indeed!

  5. The same thing happened to me. Teaching just sin’t what it used to be. I get great satisfaction out of tutoring.

    • As a former teacher, I know exactly what you are saying. Too much paperwork does kill the joy. I love the expression ‘paperwork princess.’ So very apt! Paperwork is definitely something to love (not) indeed!

  6. My niece teaches in Tucson and has the same sentiment as you … she will retire in two years and is counting down the days. Her husband is a high school principle and hopes to retire at the same time .. then they TRAVEL!!

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