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It’s been quite the week with parent-teacher conference and bad weather, farming and living.  I’m afraid I’m lumping everything into one post this week.  I’ll also admit it’s kind of selfish because I want to announce that my novel is published!  There’s a link in the sidebar that takes you to my author page.

EDITED:  I am hosting a giveaway for a copy of my novel.  You can enter HERE.

The Sunday Challenge at Real Toads was to add our poetic support for the Woman Scream International Poetry Festival.   I got behind, so I’m just now getting it finished.  It will also be my offering for the Open Link.

I’m also linking to the Open Link for d’Verse Poets.  As luck would have it, this is also a poem in 55 words, for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.

wedding dream

little girl plans

white wedding

true love

prince and princess

childhood dreams

chipped away

shaken up and

tossed aside

beaten down

knocked around

battered and abused

busted up

no excuses

no brimstone and fire

bullshit acceptance

banish abuse

stand tall

speak out

seek help

strength to move on

soar above

happily ever after

reality now


Along the same lines, the theme this week for Sensational Haiku Wednesday is Royalty.

no royal treatment

fire-breathing dragon lives

in your princess world


27 thoughts on “Royal

  1. I know a couple of people that had the white wedding, extravagant dress, no-expense-spared gala only to end up battered and bruised. But standing tall and seeking help. I think that’s the hard part. And, hey! I didn’t know you had a novel. I’m definitely entering your giveaway.

  2. Dreams and life really do go at it- and hopefully we come out on top for some of it!
    love your poem& and its form! thanks.

  3. My aunt endured 25 years of abuse from her first husband. I personally gave up on the idea of finding romance because being damaged goods myself, I only attract or am attracted to damaged goods. I find it a rather dismal thing that in this society one is seen as a failure if one decides to go it alone. I am not unhappy being without a romantic partner, and I was always much more miserable with one! At least from my eleven year marriage I got my son. I get along well enough with my ex husband, just not in a romantic way and not when I’m married to him!

  4. I was first?
    Teresa…. You have showed an artistic side that is second to NONE!
    What a privilege it is to play host to such an array of talent.
    Loved your early 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week/End

  5. I am convinced the princess fairy tale happens when a “girl” turns about forty and starts to use a golf club on the frogs and baseball bat to the prince charmings.

  6. Love the haiku, Teresa, and the 55 is an excellent example of how keeping things direct often creates the most impact. Many congrats on your novel, also!

  7. I like the journey, from happiness to sadness to seeking help and moving on ~ We need to make our voices stronger and firmer in the light of abuses and violence against women ~

  8. Oooh! I like both a lot – especially the haiku. The real world can be such a wake up call, but I do wonder if some do the get the effortless happily ever after. Nicely done

  9. Congratulations, Teresa. I’m so pleased for you about your novel.
    Your poem was a surprise to me because I had just mentioned, in a comment to another Toad, that I remember when spousal rape became illegal in Canada in the 1980s. Not the 1880s, or in 1867 when Canada was born, but late in the 20th century. I suspect, but can’t prove, it’s because women had become more powerful in politics.
    And I relate your princess poem to Diana, who surely didn’t expect her marriage to be the farce that it was, or expect her life to end so tragically.

  10. So sad when a fairy tale becomes a nightmare. I like the message that this does not have to be the end of her story, just a chapter in it, and that in speaking out and getting help a new fairy tale can begin. Congrats on the novel!

  11. ugh….sad that those dreams turn into beaten and battered women…ugh….should not happen…wish i could make fairy tales real for many….i am glad she found the strength to move on and find that happily ever after….

  12. A bit early for the Friday Funfest Teresa!
    But in light of your busy schedule and wonderful accomplishment, you are excused.
    Loved your reality bites 55
    A most excellent job at satisfying all of the mentioned prompts.
    Thanks for playing but please don’t forget to come back and comment Thursday at 8:00 PM. I’ll send you your KAWE wishes later

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