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Homeric Simile

As long as the day when the sun rises bright and early and you watch nothing all day long just waiting and wondering and thinking it might never end on the Summer Solstice when it really is the longest day of the year, so is the Homeric Simile.  That is also Susan’s challenge for us today-writing an extended simile or metaphor.  Be sure to visit Real Toads for more poems.

flowering almond

as spring touches the land

coaxing delicate flowers to

bloom and flourish beneath

a brilliant blue noon sky,

while swans build their nest

suggesting the next generation,

heralding a new beginning as

sun’s radiant starlight signals

growth and creative energy

coursing through all beings,

so is my eternal love for you.

10 thoughts on “Homeric Simile

  1. Ah, a new twist on the Homeric simile, with the comparison at the end. I like this very much, Teresa. As Susan said, “breathless” waiting for the simile to happen.

  2. Bravo. Reading kept me breathless through the closing line, and I knew then the level of passion of the love, the generative and regenerative power of it! Thank you for taking up the challenge and showing us another way to it. Delightful!

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