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Candle and Lies

Day three of Haiku A2Z Heights is candle.

soft candlelight kiss

two souls burn with desire

flames growing brighter

candles and flowers

bright luminous fire

burning brightly through the night

beacon to my soul


rose candlelight reflection

The suggested prompt at the NaPoWriMo site today is a poem that tells a lie.  I’m also sharing this for the open links at Real Toads and d’Verse Poets.

candle love reflection

your gift given with guile,

a beautiful tale told with kisses

leaves me vulnerable soft;

lustful lies with every caress

coaxing me to your bed;

fingertip touches tracing

lines on tender parts

telling me sweet untruths;

your fallacy penetrates deeply,

a passionate prevarication

of physical pleasure,

ignoring the lonely truth.

Don’t stop lying to me.


16 thoughts on “Candle and Lies

  1. Loved the pun in

    “your fallacy penetrates deeply”

    Sad to prefer lies to the truth, though. How much better it all is when everyone involved is in LOVE!

  2. great haiku up there! and then a very intense poem. a dominating choice between accepting an unpleasant truth and self-pitifully expecting pseudo soothing lies! but I do think, sometimes, it is best if we avoid the truth. But i feel we ought to feel guilty for doing that. Saying that, one can take only so much and it might not be a bad thing to want to be lied to so that we have that little peace we all look and hope for. nice work!
    My Haiku.

  3. your fallacy penetrates deeply…nice…and ignoring the truth…dont stop lying to me…ugh…your last two lines turn that intimacy on its head….love backwards is evol….smiles….

  4. Awesome — for a moments attention, touch and cuddling we gladly except lies.
    Interesting that LOVE upside in the mirror looks like Rone to my greek-literate mind: a gutter spout – down which the lies pour!
    Nicely done ! (and thanx for the comment)

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