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I am linking this to the Open Link at d’Verse Poets.  It is my offering for today’s NaPoWriMo, even though it doesn’t fit the suggested topic.  I seem to be doing a horrible job of writing and posting each day.

Union Chapel Cemetery

gravedigger’s rusted shovel
cuts through the ground
digging deep deep down
dirt and rock scratching
against metal, the only sound

memories of a young face
and sweet laugh echo
in a silent still mind as
he digs deep deep down
ghost of a child he never met

a quiet prayer is spoken
as the hole grows deeper
the pain of sore muscles
and sweat running down
masks tears falling to the dirt

beneath the new moon
the gravedigger works silently
a mourning task to complete before
a public farewell service
displays of woe and wailing

followed by silence of the dead
broken only by the black dirt
the gravedigger drops deep deep down
as it thunks against the pine wood
burying a coffin in the ground

7 thoughts on “Gravedigger

  1. Will he know how many soulless bodies for his ritual he has performed? Or is it with calloused hands he digs?

    Your poem I think a rather new perspective of a somber happening.

  2. it is interesting to think about the job of a gravedigger…i like the thought too of his digging being his own kind of prayer…maybe even a meditation…in the laying down of the body…

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