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Dialoge and Description

Herotomost has presented the challenge today at Real Toads.  It is to write a narrative describing a setting  sandwiched between dialogue.  Well, I have the dialogue and I have a descriptive narrative, but setting might be a bit of a stretch.  Luckily, our host is generous and said it was okay to bend break the rules.  As luck would have it, my piece is also written in 55 words, so I’m sharing it with G-Man for Friday Flash 55.


“Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

cool crisp covering of sheets
replaced by loving warmth
two bodies enmeshed
tangled passionately together
soft skin rubbing skin
the sweaty scent of sex
mingling with excited
guttural gasps and groans
gazing into liquid green
eyes hovering above mine
tasting sweet lust lingering
on his sensual mouth

“Nothing. Just ready for bed.”

19 thoughts on “Dialoge and Description

  1. Now I’m ready for bed, sandwiched between the sheets! Nothing like that sweaty scent of sex. Makes me think of the inside of a canvas tent under the hot summer sun…..so far removed from this cold wet April morning. So thanks for taking me away!!

  2. Teresa Teresa….
    Someone must have taken a shower with some Eden Hills homemade soap!! I hear that such results have been known to occur…
    Loved your very sensual 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for the Hot Flash. And have a Kick Ass Week End

  3. Oh, I love it. No other mammal on the planet could refer to all of that as “Nothing. Just ready for bed.”
    Understatement of the century, Teresa, in this beautiful write.

  4. Whoaaaa….I think that counts as a setting for sure. I am rather fond of that setting. And the dialogue made me laugh out loud. The things we miss because we don’t communicate our desires…damnation…lol. Sometimes the things I miss out on when I do communicate my desires…just as bad..lol. Great job, spot on I loved it.

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