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A Dangerous Walk

Well, today I’m combining three prompts!  First, at NaPoWriMo the suggested prompt was to talk a walk and record our observations in a poem.  D’Verse Poets presented the task of writing about a monster.  Finally, at Real Toads, the task was Accessible Poetry, inspired by Billy Collins.  

coyote sunrise

I’ve heard tales of monstrous

dangers within the wild spaces

between the hills and trees.

Cautiously I begin walking up

one hill and down the next,

listening for sounds of

danger; I only hear the 

woodpecker and the wind,

a blue sky above and below

grass greening where I go.

At the watering hole, I

see evidence of wildlife–

the cloven hooves of a deer,

canine pawprints of coyote.

Nowhere do I see a danger.

Through a copse of trees

where squirrels scold

and drop walnut hulls to

the ground beside my path.

Nearing the end of my walk

I feel foolish for thinking

dangers were lurking within

the wild wood where I walked,

and I returned rested and calm

to the safety of civilization.

squirrel collage

17 thoughts on “A Dangerous Walk

  1. Teresa, what an amazing shot of the coyote! And I loved this poem. I always feel like this when I’m out hiking…listening for the sounds I love and also for the sounds that make you stop in your tracks! 🙂

  2. You’ve obviously never met the squirrels I have around my house! They throw themselves against my glass door to be fed and steal the hummingbird nectar. They’ve stolen and destroyed many a bird feeder too! Very dangerous, indeed!
    I love the witty take on nature’s dangers in your poem. Very Collinsish!

    Thanks for participating in the challenge!

  3. Thankfully there was no real danger but those squirrels scolding and dropping walnuts are adorable ~ If there is no real danger, the animals and us are at peace ~

  4. I am with ‘Other Mary’ I think that the real monsters are those that kill unnecessarily creatures such as you have written about…. but I think maybe that was your point..a twist of who indeed is the stalker – great imagery Teresa.

  5. This gentle padding on path with all of this marvelous nature abounding…heaven. I love the line you draw though, the possibility of danger there. Adds a nice facet to your piece, Teresa. 🙂

  6. I am guilty of letting my imagination run wild while I am walking in the woods and you write about that feeling wonderfully here. It made me smile and was a cool use of the dVerse prompt.

  7. we can hope there is no danger out there, but it is when we get lax that it can sneak up on us…we can not let it keep us from the joy of that walk though…i rather like the squirrels personally so i would sit and watch their playfulness a bit…

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