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Today, I’ve written a tribute for my Friday Flash 55.  I attended the funeral of a boy this morning as huge wet snowflakes fell on May 2nd. Treyton was born with a rare brain abnormality known as lissencephaly (smooth brain).  Despite the likelihood of only living days, he managed to bless his family with love for four years.

Church Stained Glass

lesson taught; no need to stay

raindrops, cold as death,

slide down stained glass window

mimicking parents’ tears

final farewell of a funeral

sweet babe sleeps eternal

angelic hush falls over church

ancient soul’s loving journey

return to heaven leaves a void

a scrap of each heart he carries,

exchanged for piece of divine love


15 thoughts on “Treyton

  1. As you say so well “ancient soul’s loving journey/ return to heaven leaves a void”. What a heartfelt tribute Teresa. I hope you share this with the family, it might bring them some measure of comfort. My sympathies to all.

  2. Your 55 is so beautiful and touching that it brought tears. I was reminded of a four-year-old boy who was important to our family when I was in grade school (he was the son of our pastor). He was born with a heart abnormality and he died during the operation that was the only chance to save him. Thank you for your poignant sharing that made my Timmy seem very close this night.

  3. So many stories like this out there, yet each one has its own personal sorrow, and piercing loss. So difficult for the family, and I don’t know if four years makes it easier or harder to let go.

  4. wow. what a powerful verse…so sad to lose kids…my cousin lost a child after a similar battle…seeing him in the little coffin was devastating…you jerked hard on the heart string with this one…

  5. Oh… my children are my life. This goes right to my heart … my arms ache to hold all my children as babies again. Four years… divine love is never to be taken for granted. Some would say the child should have died to save the family grief… but I have watched a similar instance where a child severely handicapped lived for a longer period of time than expected. A few months… but that baby was held and LOVED! It was amazing to see.

  6. Teresa…
    I’m all choked up as I type this.
    By the grace of the Heavens that didn’t happen to us. Powerful piece of writing my friend.
    Loved your Obit 55
    Thanks for sharing , and have a Kick Ass Week End!
    BTW… My family took all but two bars of the WONDERFUL hand made soap
    And twice I’ve popped a huge tub of your popcorn, with LESS than 10 unpopped kernals. It’s the best popcorn I’ve ever popped… And I know my popcorn!!
    I’ll be ordering again soon…. G

  7. Oh, Teresa, this brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful tribute. May Treyton’s beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.

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