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The Other Side of Spring

I haven’t spent much time writing poetry lately.  I’m deeply entrenched in revising my new novel.  I’m making progress, but I tell you, the editing might some day drive me crazy.

The Wednesday Out of Standard challenge is to take a look at spring’s dark side.  I’ve also written this in 55 Words for G-Man.

female bluebird

A nest is built

soft feathers line

high in the tree

safe from predators

eggs laid and turned

tended with care

kept warm beneath

mother’s body

helpless naked babies

fight free from shell

into precarious life

tiny fledglings grow

raging storm attacks

flinging fledglings

unprotected into

darkness of night

to drown alone

on sodden ground

15 thoughts on “The Other Side of Spring

  1. Oh, wow. They really do have such an iffy beginning don’t they…it’s a miracle they that do make it and sad all the work put forth for some that don’t. Well written!

  2. Oh, Teresa, I knew there would be a sad ending, because of the prompt, but I cried for the poor fledglings left to drown alone. SO beautifully written, so sadly true.
    PS: When my father was writing books, he had me edit them. I don’t think he’d have given the job to just anyone, so I was happy to have his work entrusted to me. I know how difficult editing is, so I can feel for you. (Besides that, of course, I couldn’t charge my dad for my time and agony. LOL)

  3. Nature can be so harsh. Poor little fledglings.

    I feel for you on the revision front. I’m working over a book now that I was sure only needed proofreading. I ended up deleting a character. Ugh.

  4. I hate finding those…makes me so sad. And here, if it gets to 100 degrees to fast, it doesn’t matter wear they fall….they are cooked. Great take on the prompt. spot on.

    • oh no @ Corey…birds baking on the sidewalk might be a good sequel to this? Lovely work Teresa. I think your word choice here was well done. You build such great images (sad too,because of the prompt), but I almost feel like some of your lines work so well on a metaphoric level (example):

      flinging fledglings

      unprotected into

      darkness of night

      so well done, you!

  5. Awwww…
    Maybe some kindly passerbyer will return the little critter to its nest. Or else the Skunks and/or lawn mower will get em!!
    It’s Natures Way Baby
    Loved your morbid 55 Teresa
    You Rock from Ames to Davenport
    Thanks for Playing, and Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. Teresa, I hope the editing gods smile upon your manuscript. 🙂

    Yes, there’s such fragility in creating a nest…it’s a wonder any of the little birds survive…especially around here with our wealth of cats.

  7. Very eloquent of the vicissitudes of Nature–and the small new helpless things always take the brunt. Good luck with the editing, Teresa, and congrats on getting this far without losing your mind!

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