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It’s that wonderful time of the week again for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.   Some days it’s hard to find photos to fit with my writing, and I didn’t think I should use a photo of the person who inspired this one.  Please excuse the lack of direct connection between the picture and the poem.  I really think I need to find human models.

dried flowers in wine glass

trust given and trampled upon

uncaring and unfeeling

shattering a fragile ego

stripped naked, exposed

parading through crowded streets

no Lady Godiva hair

to hide imperfections

every flaw laid bare

stares from unshuttered windows

snickering laughter bubbles

from behind thinly veiled comments

beaten down and broken,

humiliated and humbled,

mocking at the most

vulnerable moment

16 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Oh, I can identify all too much with this one. The Lady Godiva hair and the laughter bubbles are both very good images.

  2. UGH. Been there–that horriblest of feelings, and if there was trust and friendship of some sort prior that just makes it twice as bad, the mocking and humiliation is even more scalding and bitter. Excellent and pungent write, Teresa.

  3. Oh the crushed and dry rose petals in glass are perfect! you chose just the right photo for your poem- great- thanks.

  4. Bullying at its very worst, Teresa. We were on the same wavelength this week. I hope you have a beautiful holiday weekend and find pockets of peace.

  5. to me it goes back to the opening lines…the betrayal of trust…as that is where it starts…and from there they degrade and put down…it is intense and a very sad tale…

  6. Teresa….
    This one needed no picture… It was Perfect
    You are just an amazingly creative talent.
    Loved your heartbreak 55
    Thanks for being such a loyal friend
    Have a Kick Ass Week End…. G

  7. Blessings,
    I find this poem quite intriguing. It’s like God is saying this is the way I created you. He has a way of humbling people. Thanks for sharing. Many blessings to you and yours.

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