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Athena’s Owl

Sometimes people just annoy me.  Been on one of those kicks lately, and I much prefer the company of the owls and other birds and critters in my pasture.  Good thing I’m starting on summer break.  My pondering of human nature in 55 words for G-Man.

great horned owl

Athena’s owl sitting high

in the willow bough

watches over the world

as wisdom wanes beneath.

The feeding frenzy of fear,

all consuming and self-renewing,

plaguing the human race

until intelligence survives no more.

He wings slowly back across the land

to his wise goddess of justice,

tears falling as he flies past

mankind’s self-destruction.

great horned owl

I have twenty goats to kid in the next three weeks, so I might not be around much.


19 thoughts on “Athena’s Owl

  1. Couldn’t agree with you(and the owl) more, Teresa. We are a nasty rash on the skin of a perfectly good planet, all too often. Good luck with the goat mothering!

  2. What a treasure to see an owl – they are truly majestic. Enjoy those sweet baby goats and proud mammas! And yes, we humans muddle things up – animals and nature are always honest – we have much to learn from them.

  3. Hope all goes well with the kids, Teresa!

    Oh, what gorgeous photographs. I bet Mr. Wise Owl is sort of disgusted with the messes we keep creating over and over again…

  4. Teresa…
    What a Pastoral Post!
    Loved the Owl Pics, was that Bubo Virginianus? You Rocked everything tonight!
    Loved your perfect 55
    Thanks for all your hard work and support, I really appreciate it. Have a Kick Ass Week End… G

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