I know I’m fashionably  horribly late, but I can’t miss the party!  Here’s my humble offering for G-Man’s Friday Flash 55.

butterfly on coneflower

She watched the butterfly as it flitted and floated from flower to flower.  As it settled to delight in the nectar of the coneflower, she wondered when she would sprout her own wings and take flight, free from the horrible illness that only allowed her to watch nature’s perfect beauty through a cold glass window.


new moon dark
pervades my soul,
no bounding hope of
joy waxing within
my aching breast

detritus in my mind
spills into the void
once filled by
your love for me;
obsession and
control overtook
carful tender feelings

more dangerous
than a poison arrow,
black-hearted words
that haunt my dreams,
the residue of
our relationship


You’d think I’d have lots of time to write now that I’m done kidding and calving, but things are still crazy busy.  I’ve sent the novel to the publisher, and I’m waiting to see the cover art.  The garden is growing and I’ve been making lots of soap. I had to find time to visit the greatest of hosts and participate in the fun this week.  Be sure to visit G-Man for more Flash 55 contributions.