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End of Summer

Summer’s sunset

sinks beneath the horizon

signaling autumn’s dawn,

season of harvests,

nature’s dying time.

Death seeks the weak,

the old and sick,

casting souls into

the abyss beyond;

no concern

for those left behind;

alone in suffering

through the dying time.

the brink of despair,

darkness overtakes light

leading to winter’s

quiet healing reflection.

late summer sunset

I’m not a fan of the end of summer.  It really does seem like a season of its own, one that always weeds out the young and old and weak.  This is my end-of-summer-blues-55 for G-Man.

9 thoughts on “End of Summer

  1. Now see, fall is always my favorite. The crisp air, everything turns golden, tan, the tree’s leaves do fall off the tree, but more light gets through, fields of orange pumpkins… horseback riding is the best, and my horse gets fuzzy. Sigh. Can’t wait. But I understand, most people feel like you do. Beautiful 55.

    • I love fall too. It’s just the end of summer I don’t like. From going back to work until the first of October, just seems to be a horrible time.

  2. Teresa, you captured my feelings on Summer’s demise perfectly. I do adore autumn (my favorite season)…but I always hate the end of summer…

  3. Wow, we hit the same subject this week. It’s a cycle that can’t be escaped. You write it in a way that brings out the beauty as well as the dispair.

    • And the best part of Summer’s end…
      Teresa, you are a great talent, I’ve missed you terribly.
      I’ll be thinking of you when I’m driving thru Iowa tomorrow.
      Loved your Autumnal 55
      Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.

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