Dark Side of the Moon


dancing with the devil
on the dark side of the moon,
his hand slips around her waist;
her fingers on his shoulder,
slowly sashaying across its surface
rhythmic swaying of hips
bodies pressed close together,
lips meet in a stolen kiss;
soft steps on moon’s dry surface
sends dust swirling into the air,
twirling carefree, close together,
collapsing into a crater,
a dry dusty bed to desires;
the musky scent of lust lingers
long after the music stops.


I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, and I’m not really on the moon either.  It’s just been very busy.  I am happy to say my second novel will be published soon.  There’s a link on the sidebar.

I’m sharing this with the open link for d’Verse Poets and Real Toads.