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Getting Listed at Real Toads

Today is another list challenge at Real Toads.  Kerry has given us a list compiled by the fun Timoteo.

katydid on grass

standing on the precipice
of our broken moon
dancing to calypso music
a soulful, cryptic tune
sung by crooning crickets
quickly overtaken by the
rapidly pounding drumbeat
created by raging heart
climbing into my throat
forcing fancy footwork;
mastering edgy steps
I believe I can fly,
thrust myself into space
creating my own big bang.

Yes, I know the picture is not really a cricket, but it’s the best I could do.  I don’t have a cricket, and thankfully the birds keep down the cricket population.

As luck would have it, this came out at exactly 55 words, so I’m sharing with G-Man as well for his Friday Flash 55.

20 thoughts on “Getting Listed at Real Toads

  1. a well written piece Teresa
    Saw you over at a photography blog and had to say “Hi” and dance a jig by the moon with the cricket’s croon in the background 🙂
    hope all is well

  2. Hey Teresa, I like the thing about the your own Big Bang. I feel that way some times too.

    And that might be timothy hay the not-really cricket is perched on — kind of goes with Timoteo.

    Does Millie eat crickets too? 🙂


  3. “forcing fancy footwork;
    mastering edgy steps
    I believe I can fly,”

    Perfect image for this poem!!

    Love all of it but this stood out to me…also cool…we both used “fancy footwork!!” :)’s

  4. Damn It Teresa!!!!!
    Anyone else but you I’d be HAMMERING that Big Bang line,
    but I can’t bring myself to be so crude with you…Grrrrrrr
    You are fantastic in everything you do, especially with the pen.
    Loved your Booming 55…:-)
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. I believe I can fly,
    thrust myself into space
    creating my own big bang.

    Yes, go for it Teresa! The way forward is what we make of the ‘big bang’ Nicely!


  6. Yes, those crickets can chirp up an accompaniment that can’t be ignored, for sure. Great take on the prompt, Teresa, and very cool that you got your 55 knocked out at the same time. Mine’s more like a thousand and fifty-five I’m afraid. ;_)

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