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Athena to the Masses

Today at Real Toads, the challenge presented by Kerry is to chose a god or goddess and have them directly address our present world.  Athena has always been my favorite goddess, so it was a natural choice to express her opinion in this challenge. She is the goddess of wisdom and patroness of the arts, a task-oriented driven goddess, and I can only too well imagine how she would feel about today’s society.

Tree Art

tongue-lolling, twerking
public displays of
sexual obscenities
crazy ass humans
living willy nilly
without thoughts
beyond the moment;
forsaking true wisdom,
learning and study,
turning backs to
art and beauty
for insatiable mindless
carnal desires:
procreate the masses
with none to lead
into the future;
awaiting a fatal fall
into the abyss,
a natural cleansing
of cataclysmic proportion
to return to the old ways
too long forgotten

14 thoughts on “Athena to the Masses

  1. Athena needed to share her voice! It is appalling how far we have gone off the path. Actually we may have worn a holes in what was once considered sacred~

  2. Fantastic anger, well said! But Athena, proponent of civilization, comes too late with her wrath! Where was she when a warning might have been in time? I am coming from the Owl’s place on her shoulder, a wisdom she claimed, but did not heed! (Here is a possible dialogue.)

  3. Hilarious! And so true. I especially like the ending:

    “a natural cleansing
    of cataclysmic proportion
    to return to the old ways
    too long forgotten”

  4. Couldn’t agree more. Athena would be appalled at what we consider important, and how little, if anything, we consider sacred– ‘a natural cleansing of cataclysmic proportion’ sounds like a good start to me.

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