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It’s that time again-Friday Flash 55!  The poem is new, but I’m reusing my picture from last spring.

Edit:  How serendipitous! I just noticed this is my 555th post!


Follow the alpha male

over the hills and

through the glen,

gaze at the stars

to guide along paths

beneath Mother Moon.

Run wild and free

through infinite space

above the world’s

human restrictions.

No guns; no fences;

wide open space,

freedom to exist.

Wild creatures as

Goddess planned

before humans banished

the cagey coyote.

13 thoughts on “Coyote

  1. Maybe we should ask Millie what she thinks of Coyote’s eh?
    They are now in EVERY County in Michigan!!
    Loved your Canine 55
    Teresa, you are such a beautiful and powerful writer that you blow me away
    and a weekly basis. I’m the luckiest guy in Blogdom to be blessed with such talent.
    Thank You for your fantastic support, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Gorgeous capture, Teresa. We have coyotes here…sadly the City paid to have hunters come in and take them out…people were reacting so badly to them, but when they came on our property they didn’t bother a thing…not our dogs or our cats. They were shy and mostly wanted to get away from people. Sadly, Goddess (and coyote) must be horrified. I am.

    • I did lose a kid to a coyote last spring, so I have mixed feelings. This one was right by my goats and could have easily killed them, but I felt no malice from her. It was amazing to be so close to her.

  3. They are so adaptable. I read an article about coyotes in New York (and any major city) and how they slink along undetected, within feet of heavily trafficked sidewalks! This is really a beautiful coyote – I’m assuming you took this with a powerful lens.

    • Honestly, it was the 55-300 lens. I can’t believe she stood there for fifteen or more minutes while I photographed her. I truly believe she was there to deliver a message to me. 🙂

    • Ah, I really do love and respect the coyote. They always find a way to adapt to their environment; and I find them to be beautiful animals as well.

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