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Hope Waiting

It’s the beginning of the week, which means it’s open link for Real Toads and d’Verse Poets.  Here is my humble offering.  I’d also like to share that I’m hosting a giveaway for a copy of my new novel, The Elements, on my other blog. You can read about it on the novel page.  To enter, just leave a comment HERE telling me that you’d like to be entered.

concrete portrait

Dashed against the wall,
shattered and falling to the ground,
my hopes lie in pieces.
Unable to be glued back together–
quietly morn dead dreams
hoping for new bigger aspirations;
waiting to see what dream
waltzes into my world;
waiting, alone and silent.
Nothing comes; time passes,
waiting still; staring at
broken remnants of shattered
hopes waiting on me.


13 thoughts on “Hope Waiting

  1. “hope waiting on me.” That last line is really so important… mourning is very important, and should be given its time, but so is picking up the pieces and starting over.

  2. i like that you title the piece with hope waiting… so not everything is lost…that is important to know in such moments when our world seems to break to pieces…

  3. I’ve had my world tumble around me, Teresa. Fortunately I was able to pick up the pieces and reassemble a new and improved version. This was from the help of a Sunday school teacher (he reminded me, “Jim when it seems no one in the whole world loves you, remember that God (still) loves you.”), a new wife, and God himself.

    When I started reading I was reminded of Humpty Dumpty (he sat on a wal and had a great fall–all of the kings men and all of the kings horses could not put him together again). 🙂

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