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Spine Poems

The Form For All challenge at d’Verse Poets today is to create spine poem by going to a library and sorting books until you create a poem with the various titles on the spines of the books.  Since I was in parent-teacher conferences with no parents until late, I visited the high school library where I work.  I found a lot of great titles, but I thought it might be pressing my luck to get the librarian to let me stack them up for a photo shoot.  Here is my rather random poem:


City of Secrets
Still Waters
Purple Daze
Into the Wild
The Dead-Tossed Waves
Blood Magic
City of Masks

Authors (in order starting with the title):  Chris Howard, Mary Hoffman, Kristin Cashore, Sherry Shahan, Chris Grabenstein, Erin Hunter, Carrie Ryan, Gregory Maguire, Tonya Hurley, Tessa Gratton, and Mary Hoffman.

When I got home, I was happy to see a box had arrived from Amazon.  I tackled the same task in my own library and using a couple of my new books because I really wanted to do a picture with the poem.  You might recognize some of the authors in this next poem.

spine poem

Tender is the night.
This is the hour:
the elements,
old souls,
earth magic
a scrap of time;
Dirt road dreams
of gods and goats.
The transformation,
a candle in the mist.

The authors are:  Fireblossom, Mama Zen and Hedgewitch, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lion Feuchtwanger, Teresa L. Perin, Tom Shroder, Steven D. Farmer, Ida Fink, Susie Clevenger, V. L. Locey, Ainslie MacLeod, and Florence Crannell Means.

11 thoughts on “Spine Poems

  1. Two very different but accomplished poems… and my feelings echo others’ here, in that the first relies on a rhythmic incantation… while the second, with its visual hourglass reference and flow, is beautifully cadenced. Wonderful that you used the books of so many authors I count as friends!

  2. Recognize some of those books ~ Creative weaving of the titles, specially the second one ~ Dirt road dreams
    of gods and goats.
    The transformation,
    a candle in the mist.

  3. nice…i think the second flows better….or maybe its just a bit easier the pace and easier story…the first one feels like a staccato rhythm….like bam bam bam…very cool responses…

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