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Checked Out

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Head down
vacant stare
not hearing a word,
lost in my own
dank thoughts;
stupid teachers–
fuck them–they
just don’t know,
self-pity rules
cuz life sucks
and it ain’t fair.
Mom bailed.
Dad’s in jail.
Sleepin’ on a
friend’s couch
hoping I don’t
get kicked out;
nobody who cares
’bout bad grades.
No life; no hope,
headed straight
for County Jail
cuz life ain’t fair.


So, yeah.  Can you tell I’m back at work in the high school?

Totally unrelated but very exciting for me is my first review of Aeviternus Adventures Book I:  The Elements.  Here’s a short excerpt, and you can find the entire review at Curse of the Bibliophile.

Bob was Jillian’s cat and once he was able to talk became the smart alec and wisecracking companion. He and Millie both brought a lot of comedy as well as friendship to the story.

Millie the goat was the loyal best friend who always made you smile. I really enjoyed her and Jillian’s interactions. They were so funny and even though they were different species it was easy to see them as best friends who had known each other forever.

Really, you’re not surprised that my real-world cat and goat are in the book, are you?  You can still enter the giveaway at Goodreads (funky widget in the sidebar) for a chance to win a copy of the novel.

17 thoughts on “Checked Out

  1. Sad poem, Teresa, great writing ~~ The first half hurt, the second double hurt. Tell it like it is, but I hope not all the time–I’d love to teach here, I would care. Twenty-two years, I never had EVEN ONE student for whom I did not care. Do you know this person or one like him/her?

    I’ll pick the first half:
    Head down ~~ on the desk, naturally
    vacant stare ~~ into the desk
    not hearing a word, ~~ ears disfuntional at this time
    lost in my own
    dank thoughts; ~~ dank, not of much value
    stupid teachers– ~~ stupid (ignorant, lacking empathy and care) some are
    fuck them–they ~~ good thing this wasn’t written this for a grade, I would have my student re-write–or change “f-word” to “flip”
    just don’t know,
    self-pity rules ~~ a cop-out here, but what else?
    cuz life sucks ~~ it does, quite a bit of the time
    and it ain’t fair. ~~ it isn’t — accepting this is a part of growing up — that has to be done, in 98% of the time it will be dealt with

    I’not trying to be hard on you, or your poet. The student? Perhaps. It would be a part of my critique, my rebuttal. I do care. I would end with a note to please see me. 🙂 ❤

    • Thank you for the excerpt from your book. I like animals, having them would make it more interesting to read. Have you read “Animal House”? It has animals for the characters. I got lost in there with them until the end.

    • A lot of my poems are inspired by real people/events, but then it is changed into fiction. Have been in special education/behavior disorders for many years, this is the general attitude of many of those students. They have a skewed view of the world.

      • 🙂 Hi Teresa ~~ Best wishes for you this school year. I’d love to be one of your teachers, especially one that has the privilege of reading your writing.

        I have decided that for your poem with the meaning and effect you want the “F” word is a necessary. Could you believe I woke up three times last night thinking about what I said and about this poor “typical” student of whom you wrote.

        I was worried that I might have offended you. I hope I didn’t and if I did, please accept my apology here. I did not intend to be mean in any way and I am hoping you didn’t read that in.

      • Good heavens, it’s hard to offend me. 🙂 This year, I’m housed in a room with the BD teacher, so I get the chance to observe a lot of students, but I don’t get the privilege of being their teacher. I do what I can, but it isn’t near as much as I’d like to do for some of these kids. It’s really hard to teach them that there is an alternative to their self-pity, but it can be done. I hate that I interrupted your sleep. 🙂

  2. I love that you put in that she wants someone to care about her grades. I truly believe that the tough ones (from a high school teacher’s perspective) want limits and accountability–the kind that love sets. But by high school …ANd then, halfway through your poem, the rhyme picks up as if she were rocking herself to a stuck record (those some of us used to have with needles and discs). I want to hug her.

  3. hey i hear you…a lot of my students have it rough and they expect the teachers to just not give a fuck what is going on in their lives…just pushing the next thing they need to learn…i hope i am never like that…but i have had to overcome that stereo type…

  4. well, the truth is, life isn’t fair, but it has many good moments… hard to see them when wrapped up in a hoodie of suffering… very real suffering no doubt… still there is more beyond the shadow of the hood.

  5. i think some kids go through tough times at home and how can they concentrate on school matters when life is just hell for them… difficult for the teacher.. needs a lot of sensitivity..

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