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Coffee Talk

I think the novel writing is impacting my ability to do micro-fiction.  Fifty-five words seems nowhere near enough to tell any kind of story today.  Maybe I’m just having a wordy thought day.  Anyhow, here’s my contribution for G-Man.

M & M mug

“It’s not bad being a widow,” said Mildred.

“But she’s so young,” argued Helen.

“Well,” Katherine chimed in, “I wouldn’t mind it one bit.”

“You want to give up sex?” asked Helen.

“I never cared for it much anyhow,” Mildred said.

“Me either,” Katherine agreed.

“Well, you guys must be doing it wrong,” Helen remarked.

9 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. I’ve had a few shocking conversations with older women (older than me) and I felt so sad for their attitude towards sex. They are just so unwilling (unable?) to “enlighten” themselves or their spouse… Thank goodness things have changed in that regard.

  2. Teresa…
    You did the Micro-Fiction just fine…As always.
    I’m sure that there are many folks that have never
    had ‘good sex’…(sigh)

    It’s too bad too, I always thought that sex was supposed to be fun Not a chore!
    Loved your Coffee Talk 55
    Thanks for playing, Late or early, as long as you are here..
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

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