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Old Wounds


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dead thistleProstrate on the ground,
frozen and barren of life,
attacking from all sides,
old hurts scream from deep
within my memories and
break open allowing fresh
blood to seep into new wounds.


The ugly fears reappear
bigger than ever,
larger than life experiences,
newly freed from prison;
old voices come screaming
back into my mind,
nails pounded into my heart.


Retreating from their onslaught
and hiding from the world,
giving up hope and dreams,
I beg Mother Nature help me
overcome my coward’s heart
to disappear into earth’s
all enveloping eternal hug.

14 thoughts on “Old Wounds

  1. poignant words..often it is the stillness of nature that calls us out of our despair..this can be a healing..like the quiet meditation on a quiet stream’s edge..but not to end it all, tho I can relate to the thoughts associated to wanting peace from the torment so badly we think of ending it all. That was how I first came to writing as a young girl..happy that you can let the feelings out as well..it too is a healing

  2. 🙂 Hi Teresa ~~ I love this one!!! There is a lesson here, sort of a wake up call I think. Our life here isn’t alway so hot, with all its constraints. As they say though, it beats the alternative, returning to the earth.

    Then there is recycle. I had a preacher friend, retired but now deceased, who when he visited a friend a the hospital (not a dying or depressed patient, as you will see) would bring them a bouquet. The bouquet would be of old, dead, flowers or plants. People looked forward to his cheerful gifts.
    He visited me once but he had nothing in hand. He did tell me what his purpose/message was but I have forgotten now.

  3. Oh, not to disappear, but to bury the despair, that is healing. I am amazed how those inner voices of youth just never go away! I suppose it is ok to take them out, turn them around, examine them for short periods of time… but we must be strong to do that and be sure to put them away! I so hope my children have few insecurities.

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