This might be the most challenging challenge yet at Real Toads.  The talented Herotomost has given us the task of writing a poem describing him.  Yikes!  He calls it “a social psychological writing experiment to see how empathic we all might be with such a small amount of personal information. ”  After all, we only know each other through snippets of poetry and maybe Facebook.

I almost chose not to accept this challenge, but then I thought back, way back, to my teen years.  My sister and I would sit on the bench at the mall, and I’d entertain her with stories of the people walking past us.  I’ve wondered through the years, if I was ever accurate in those detailed descriptions.  Without further ado, here’s my poetic description of Herotomost, Corey Rowley, with only his blog, Mexican Radio, to go on.

enigmatic, cryptic son-of-a-gun
standing at the front of the conga line
beer in hand to cheer the party on:
a celebration of life and wonder,
genuine and honest happiness,
grateful for good life and good love.
but when the drinks and sun are
downed and love has been made,
the mind turns to other things–
more serious meanderings and
musings; the deep voice within
must break free as poetry,
art and soul and all that jazz.

9 thoughts on “Herotomost

  1. we called it ‘people judging’ while sitting in the plate glass window at Sate’ Man on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, drinking pitchers of beer and eating rice and grilled skewers of marinated beef or pork (back when I still ate mammals).

    this is a sweet and sharp-eyed write ~ M

  2. I’m laughing because my younger sister and I used to do the same thing..create whole lives just from glimpses of people. Often wondered if we were ever close to what they were really like (except the ones we pegged as aliens, of course). Loved this, Teresa. Challenging indeed!

  3. I’m feeling a little see through today!!!! I am super glad you took up the challenge and your depiction is dead on. The only thing is the depth with which I might right may be blind luck, if you sat and watched me write anything you would probably be astonished that it says anything at all! I have always enjoyed your writing, and it appears you have a knack for people. Would like to sit in a mall with you one day and listen to your stories…that would be fun! Thanks for playing!

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