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The Dog

My dog, Stella, is truly a freak.  If she were a human, she’d be labeled and be in special classes.  I’m glad she’s a dog, and not a human.  Below is an American Poem for d’Verse Poets, a seventeen syllable sentence that has everything it needs to be a poem.  Following is the expanded 55 word version.

Special is good until it’s the kid who can’t learn the same way I do.



Just because the pup meows,
we call it weird and stupid.
Everyone makes fun
of the cur who
can’t howl at the moon.
In reality, it speaks
to the heart and soul
if we are brave enough
to let it in.  Instead,
we fear it and label it
and lock it up in the pound.


I’m sharing this with G-Man for his Friday Flash 55.

18 thoughts on “The Dog

  1. I can relate to this, though in my case, my dog (short for dogen, her explanation not mine) Elvira is pretty cool, ions smarter definite; it is I who is the freak in comparison to her. But, Special am not, that term of endearment, for those deserving -who must live different through no fault of their own -as you have so eloquently pointed.

    Talon, said go off yonder and visit Fools Rush In and Razzamadazzle. And because I always do as told, I did just that. An glad is I for doing so. Knew I was in a good place as soon as I read the first sentence. Plus I see a couple familiar faces here, Brian ‘who never sleeps’ Miller and Lindy ‘smarty pantz’ Lee, oh an as mentioned Yogi Talon. Off to read more…………

  2. There’s more that is special about this story I think – perhaps she had a baby friend that was a cat or was nursed by a cat – stuff like that, it seems, is not uncommon. And right you are that special kids have much in common with all other kids – and don’t need to be labeled. Great poems/ greater information!

  3. Teresa…?
    You have a dog that speaks TWO languages!!
    How cool and special is that?
    Loved your personal 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for always being so supportive
    and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Stella is lovely. And it’s a dog’s quirks that endear them to me. Our Labradoodle, Charlie, is interesting. She never fails to make us laugh. Sometimes at her expense, but what can you do? Loved your 55, Teresa. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Oh for it to be made less for the comfort of the many, instead of being just as it is, who it is. So well done! I love both! And our dogs are freaks too, so are we, so we keep good company I guess! 🙂

    • In God’s sight, every person He made is SPECIAL.
      It took us humans to really screw THAT up.
      “Special” ones have SO much to teach us normality-burdened…

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