The Fox Says

Thanks, Mama Z.  I now have What Does the Fox Say? running through my brain in an endless loop.  Well, in 43 words or less, I’ve done my best to answer that question for Words Count at Real Toads.  Along with viewing the addictive video, I checked out some fox symbolism.

sit still listening

fox raining gentle wisdom

work with what you have

red fox

night time darkness comes

invisibility whispers

secrets of a long life


think independently

cunning and intelligence

avoid the tricksters

fox kit

navigate your world

live your passions and desires

determined to win


14 thoughts on “The Fox Says

  1. Am partial to the fox, they do their thing with much gusto. I don’t see them often, though I know their out there, especially in winter their tracks a carbon copy of a hyper active enthusiastic youngster.

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